Olympus RS-28 USB Transcription Foot Control Pedal


Olympus RS28 USB Transcription Foot Control.

For use with the Olympus AS-2300, AS-4000, AS-2400 and AS-5000 transcription kits. 

The PC and Mac compatible USB foot switch RS-28 allows typists the hands free control of the DSS Player Pro Transcription software (AS-5002).

The RS 28 can also be used in connection with the Olympus DS-5000 or DS-5000iD digital dictation recorder and its docking station for hands free dictation.

The RS-28 is supplied in the AS-5000 and AS-2400 transcription kits, but is also available here as a single item.

This foot pedal is NOT compatible with Express Scribe as the pedal drivers do not come with this unit.

Buy this USB foot pedal if:

  • Your current RS-28 is broken
  • You have an RS-26 pedal and have installed your transcription software on Windows 7 
Olympus RS-28 is compatible with the new ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management Software).
Olympus RS-28 USB Transcription Foot Control Pedal


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