Olympus ODDS Dictation App Licence - iPhone or Android


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An ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery System) licence is required to use your smartphone (iPhone or Android) with the new Olympus Dictation app. The smartphone app enables access to the Olympus Digital Dictation System, a secure file transfer system in the cloud. One subscription licence is required per device.

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Data sheet: Download The Olympus ODDS App Overview PDF

The Olympus Dictation app will allow you to record dictation on the go and send it via the Olympus cloud dictation portal to your transcription team or typist in secure .ds2 audio format. You can record directly to your iPhone or Android smartphone and send in .dss or .ds2 format with embedded data like Author ID and Worktype.

Also using a FlashAir enabled Olympus DS-7000 or DS-3500 (requires minimum firmware v1.20 and a Toshiba FlashAir card) audio recorded on your digital dictaphone can be sent to ODDS via the Olympus Dictation App. So if you prefer dictation on your smartphone or your digital voice recorder you have options to send your letter and notes from anywhere using your mobile device. You can buy a FlashAir card for your Olympus DS-7000 or DS-3500 from here.


Compare The Free & Subscription Version of The Olympus Dictation iOS and Android App



Free Version With Paid ODDS Licence

Overwrite and Insert Voice

Yes Yes

Supported Recording File Formats



Voice Activated Recording (VCVA)

Yes Yes

File Transfer via Email

Yes Yes

WiFi Transfer from DS-7000/DS-3500

Via FlashAir Card 

Via FlashAir Card

File List View

Yes Yes

Photo Attachment

Yes Yes

Embed Priority Setting in File

No Yes (DSS/DS2 Only)

Embed Worktype in File

No Yes (DSS/DS2 Only)

Transfer of files to ODMS Transcription Module

No Yes

File Encryption (128 & 256 bit)

No Yes

Configure Administrative Settings 


iPhone & Android Olympus Dictation App Compatibility

  • iPhone 4 and newer
  • iOS 10 or later
  • Latest Android flavour
Olympus ODDS Dictation App Licence - iPhone or Android


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