Dictate Anywhere Bundle - Olympus DS-9000 + Olympus Dictation App

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For The Mobile Workforce - Olympus DS-9000 + Olympus ODDS Combination 

This bundle combines the familiar physical handheld dictaphone you love to use in the office or practice combined with the versatility of the Olympus Dictation App on your smartphone for anywhere, anytime dictation.

Olympus DS-9000 Digital Dictaphone

Olympus DS 9000 Digital Dictaphone Voice Recorder ds2


The Olympus DS-9000 is the latest digital dictaphone in the professional dictaphone range from Olympus.

Featuring an optical slide switch for intuitive stop/play/rewind/record while dictating letters, notes or reports.

The Olympus DS9000 comes with all you need:

+ a docking station for fast charge and instant digital dictation file transfer to your computer

+ an Olympus ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) R7 Dictation Module (DM) software licence

The Dictation Module software lets you configure the Olympus DS9000 your way and automated the collection and send of dictation audio to your transcription typist, typing pool or your favourite voice-to-text solution.

Olympus Dictation Delivery Service (ODDS) - Olympus Dictation App Licence

Olympus Dictation App with ODDS Licence Australia

The Olympus Dictation App has rapidly gathered popularity over the last couple of years.

It is the only app that can transport encrypted .ds2 (DSS Pro audio file format, the standard for confidential, legal and medical dictation) from your smartphone via email or directly to your firms sFTP server. 

Dictate Australia currently manages over 400 users in Australia covering legal, medical and federal businesses of all sizes.

The Olympus Dictation App with an ODDS licence is the perfect dictation app that you carry with you everywhere on your smartphone.

Note: ODDS is a yearly subscription that lets you record and sends encrypted confidential dictation from your smartphone 24x7x365.

The usual yearly licence cost is $149 incl. GST .. that is only a cost of $0.64 cents per business day!

No Workflow Interruption

Both the Olympus DS-9000 physical handheld dictaphone and the Olympus Dictation app ODDS licence can be configured to create audio with the same Author ID. This means that when the audio arrives at its destination it is irrelevant whether the audio came from a handheld digital dictaphone or the Olympus Dictation App, the audio is clearly identified for the Author who created it.

How Does This Bundle Compare to the DS-9500?

The Olympus DS-9500 is exactly the same as the DS-9000 except it has wifi built-in. Yes, the DS-9500 can email dictation from the physical dictaphone but do you really want to carry your DS-9500 everywhere with you? Take it home or use it on the weekend? We believe the DS-9000 + ODDS Bundle offers the most versatile dictation solution.

Dictate Anywhere Bundle - Olympus DS-9000 + Olympus Dictation App Sale


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