Philips SpeechLive User? Additional 4 Weeks Free Use

20 June, 2020

Dictate Australia has just become, June 2020, a Philips Australia Speech Dealer after many years focussing solely on Olympus.

Philips Recorder App for DictationWe made the move after testing out Philip's mobile dictation options via their Philips Recorder App for iPhone and Android. Mobile dictation on your phone has seen a revolution other the last few years and especially during the COVID-19 restrictions globally with a shift to work from home.

The Philips SpeechLive solution offers secure mobile dictation, hosted in Australia, which gives the author the option to dictate and send to their typist or, for selected audio e.g. urgent dictation, the ability to use voice-to-text to transcribe. 

Philips SpeechLive Subscription 4 Weeks Free

If you are an existing Philips SpeechLive user in Australia you can get an extra 4 weeks for free on your subscription, simply refer a friend or colleague. They can sign up for a 30 day free trial in the Philips Recorder App to get their Customer Id. If they like it and go on to buy a one-year SpeechLive subscription licence just fill in the form and send it through to the Philips Australia team.



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