Olympus Australia RecMic Series II - The Ultimate Dragon Voice Recognition Microphones

21 July, 2017

Olympus Australia (and worldwide) have just released a new range of USB connected, hand held microphones for voice recognition using Dragon. 

Olympus RM-4110S RM-4100S RM-4010P Hand Held Dragon Dictation Microphone

Please note, at the time of writing this the RecMic Series II is not compatible with ODMS R6.4.0 Dictation Module for Windows or DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac. These are just for use with Dragon.

There are three new RecMic II models in the range:

With Dragon getting better and better and now with the latest versions starting to gather some traction in the legal/medical/journalism fields the timing is right for Olympus to step up and use their incredible audio savvy in these hand held, USB connected, state of the art microphones for dictation and voice recognition. 

The key differences between the models are:

Olympus RM-4110S:

  • Yes Optical Slide Switch
  • Yes Clickable Trackball Mouse Control
  • 4 Customisable Function Buttons

Olympus RM-4100S:

  • Yes Optical Slide Switch
  • No Clickable Trackball Mouse Control
  • 7 Customisable Function Buttons

Olympus RM-4110S:

  • Yes Push Buttons
  • No Optical Slide Switch
  • Yes Clickable Trackball Mouse Control
  • 4 Customisable Function Buttons

Don't be fooled by the snazzy design and the blue and red led lights that look great but also indicate when noise levels are perfect for dictation, the RecMics are packed with the latest mic innovation from Olympus and features that ensure your audio is as good as it can be for use with Dragon for Windows or Mac. Inside the mic you will find:

Intelligent Dual Mic System for Speech Recognition in Noisy Environments

  •  Two Omni-directional Microphones with Advanced Noise Cancelling Technology
  •  Triple-Layer Pop-Filter to suppresses noise caused by exhalation into the microphone
  •  Sound Studio Microphone Shock Mounting reduces noise from handling

Recording Modes & HID Keyboard Mode

 Preset Recording Modes for each recording environment

  • Quiet Environment (Blue LED)
  • Noisy Environment for Speech Recognition (Green LED)
  • Noisy Environment for Classic Dictation (Red LED)

Preset Button Modes for Dragon & Windows Speech Recognition

  • Olympus Mode: Default (F1)
  • Custom Mode: Custom settings set via the RecMic Configuration Tool (F2)
  • Dragon Mode: Buttons optimised for Nuance’s Dragon speech recognition software (F3)
  • Windows Mode: Buttons optimised for Microsoft Windows speech recognition (F4)

 HID Keyboard Mode

  • Configure hot keys for applications to RecMic buttons.

Built-in Acceleration Sensor detects the position of the RecMic and adjusts accordingly

  • Place the RecMic II on a desk – Microphone automatically mutes
  • Pick up the RecMic II – Microphone automatically resumes recording
  • Place the RecMic II in Stand – Microphone automatically set to Hands-Free Dictation mode

Each RecMic comes with a stand and is Mac OSX and Windows 10 (and earlier) compatible.

Official Olympus Australia Press Release - 10th July 2017 

Click here to download the press release

Olympus announces the launch of the RecMic II the most advanced microphone for speech recognition The new RecMic II Series with Intelligent Dual Microphone System and unique Noise-Cancellation Technology raises the bar for speech recognition experience.

Olympus Australia are pleased to announce the new RecMic II series of USB Microphones. Professionals using dictation have always been prone to the risk that recorded noise is falsely transcribed into text through speech recognition. With Olympus’ next generation technology in the RecMic II series, accurate speech recognition in noisy environments is now possible for the first time. The new RecMic II series is characterised by a unique Intelligent Dual Microphone System with innovative noise cancellation technology. Strong directionality is achieved through two omni-directional microphones with Beam Forming spatial filtering to actively monitor and analyse the phase difference during recording. Speech recognition accuracy depends greatly on the signal-to-noise ratio of the recording. The advanced noise cancelling technology of the RecMic II series is able to differentiate between human voice and recorded noise. The result is that the voice of the user is identified and isolated, while unwanted noise is suppressed to improve the conversion of speech into text - regardless of your environment. Several powerful features further enhance speech recognition performance with the RecMic II series. For convenience, the devices come with pre-set button modes which are configured for use with Dragon and Windows speech recognition. For noise suppression, the microphone housing now includes a Triple-layered Pop Filter like those used in studio recording. This filter effectively suppresses the noise caused by exhalation into the microphones.

The extra smooth UV Coating on the microphone body reduces noise from handling, while the low-noise buttons have an improved mechanism which dampens noise when operating the device to improve the recording quality. To support hygienic requirements, the RecMic II series has a cleanable, antimicrobial body with Polygiene® antimicrobial technology. This technology is based on the natural ability of silver to inhibit the growth of microbes. Thanks to the alcohol resistant coating, this device can be wiped with alcohol or the like to keep the device clean as needed. The ergonomic body design supports all day use with buttons that can be operated with ease without having to reposition the device. The highly durable and reliable optical slide switch of the RM-4100S & RM-4110S can be reached without being forced to bend your thumb, while the improved trackball of the RM-4110S & RM-4010P is now clickable for better efficiency when using applications. A built-in Acceleration Sensor detects the position of the RecMic and adjusts accordingly. When the RecMic is placed on a desktop, the microphone is muted to prevent unintentional recording. When the RecMic is picked up again, the microphone automatically resumes recording. The dedicated stand is ideal for hands-free dictation as the RecMic switches to ideal recording settings when placed in the stand, leaving your hands free for other tasks. Thanks to the support of HID keyboard mode, the RecMic II series is compatible with any third party application that can be controlled with regular keyboard shortcuts. Using the dedicated RecMic Configuration Tool, you can configure RecMic settings and assign functions like macros, keyboard shortcuts, text input and dragon commands that control applications to RecMic buttons. Device configuration and application control templates can be saved so settings can be replicated on other computers.

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