Olympus Quick To React - Update Planned To DSS Player Plus for Mac

29 November, 2012

Hats off to Olympus for taking notice of the worldwide Mac digital dictation community and quickly planning an update to their DSS Player Plus v7 dictation software after an issue was found using converted .ds2 to .aif audio files for transcription in Nuance's new Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac.

We first reported the issue over on our main blog only last month (click here for that post) and immediately update both Olympus and Nuance Australia about the issue. Basically the sampling rate of .aif audio files created by converting .ds2 dictation in DSS Player Plus did not achieve the sampling rate required by the new transcription feature in Dragon Dictate 3.

We quickly found a work around for this using Olympus Sonority which although not ideal did allow owners of the professional DS-7000 and DS-3500 digital dictaphones to dictate and use their voice recognition software to convert their text to speech. Kudos to Olympus for taking on the issue and very quickly resolving it, an update to DSS Player Plus v7 is expected to be rolled out globally early in 2013.

Full details of the new features in DSS Player Plus for Mac audio conversion over at our main blog - click here

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