Interested In Voice Recognition For The Mac? Check Out The Demo Videos of Dragon Dictate 3

25 October, 2012

Many people are looking at voice recognition software both on Windows (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) and on the Mac with the latest release of Dragon Dictate 3 which has just arrived in Australia. You may be interested but you may have also been swayed by a number of factors. Maybe Siri hasn't worked 100% of the time for you and you are comparing that to Dragon installed, evolving and learning on your MacBook or iMac. Maybe you know someone from the Windows world who tried Dragon NaturallySpeaking maybe five or more years ago and had a bad experience back then.

Things change and in technology they change very very quickly. Look at the processing power we have at our finger tips today compared to even a couple of years ago. RAM is cheap and plentiful, hard disks faster or even solid state, CPUs have multiple cores. Technology has evolved rapidly and so has advancement in speech recognition technology.

If you think that speech recognition might be a great productivity tool for you and a huge time saver head over to our main blog where we have compiled a number of videos. These are all videos created by Nuance to show off the latest features in Dragon Dictate 3 for the Mac. With each video I have written a short blurb explaining which features are useful and why you would use them.

Click here for our blog post - Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac – The Best Way To Find Out About It Is To Watch The Demo Videos

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