New Olympus DM-901 Digital Meeting Recorder - Control/Share via WiFi from your Smartphone

15 July, 2014


Olympus DM-901 wifi Audio Controller app android iphone dropbox

Olympus Audio Australia recently revamped the DM range of digital voice recorders which are aimed at the professional business market. The DM series are the work horse models for recording focus groups and large meetings. Like all Olympus recorders they are filled to the brim with features and functions yet straight out of the box are simple and easy to use, always returning crystal clear high quality audio recording to capture every word, even in the most feisty of meeting or interview.

One thing you can't take away from Olympus is innovation. With every round of refresh of recorders they push the limits of voice recorder technology. Always improving on the things you expect like microphone pickup and audio quality. But also adding some nice new features like in the case of the new Olympus DM-901 by building in wi-fi to the recorder. It's the simple things, most of us used to voice recording are familiar with reaching across the boardroom table to start the recording just as the meeting is about to start. Not any more, with the wifi enabled DM-901 just launch your Olympus Audio Contoller app on your iPhone or Android phone and remotely start/stop recording. When the meeting is over opt the traditional USB connect and download the audio or now, share the audio via your wifi connection.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a smartphone photographer? Now you can take pictures and tag them to the audio, perfect during a press conference, interview or while gathering the delegates in a meeting. All done via the new Olympus Audio Controller app.

When your meeting is over, the audio can be immediately downloaded to your smartphone via wifi. The free Olympus app (app version 1.2.2 and up) can also be linked to your Dropbox account for instant upload and sharing. The days of always having to carry a Mac or PC to grab and share your audio have gone, if the audio you recorded needs to be out quickly this can be facilitated all from your mobile device. Journalists and can feel you smiling right now !

The DM-901 is now available in Australia and replaces the DM-3 model. 

Olympus DM-901 Feature Highlights:

  • Mac OS X 10.9 & Windows 7/8/8.1 Compatible
  • USB Plug and play - no software required
  • Control record/stop remotely via an app on your iPhone, Android or tablet
  • Instantly share audio via wifi or upload and share via Dropbox
  • Wi-Fi enabled for connection to smartphones and tablets using the free “Olympus Audio Controller” app for iPhone & Android
  • Visual index function using smartphone or tablet camera
  • High-resolution 2.0 inch colour LCD display with new icon-based layout
  • Low noise, 90 degree outward facing microphones for real stereo recording
  • 4GB built-in memory with SDCard slot for additional memory (SD / SDHC /SDXC up to 64GB)
  • Large built-in dynamic speaker
  • Variable play back speed control (50%-600%)
  • 5 folders for file storage, 999 files per folder plus an additional 6,000 music folders
  • Versatile file editing and management functions
  • Dimensions & Weight; 115mm (H) x 51mm(W) x17.9mm(D) 105g (including batteries) 


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