Olympus VN-8500PC - 1Gb Digital Voice Recorder

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The Olympus VN-8500PC was discontinued by Olympus Australia in April 2012. This model has been superseded by the Olympus VN-711PC - click here

You will love the design of the Olympus VN-8500PC digital voice recorder with its large front-facing speaker, simple functionality, and USB connectivity. The WMA recording functionality, new Scene Select Function, 1GB of memory, and large LCD with font size setting make it a feature-packed and compact voice recorder.

In-built 1GB Flash Memory
Record up to 421 hours of uninterrupted audio recording in LP mode.

Multiple Language Support
The large LCD is capable of displaying eight different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish and Chinese – a plus for accessibility.

51 Hours of Battery Life
Up to 51 hours of continuous operation with two AAA batteries.

Large LCD Display with Font Size Settings
Large LCD for easy, quick viewing of file locations, recording status and battery life.

3 Recording Modes
Select from three recording modes to meet your specific needs: HQ for high quality; SP and LP for extended recording.

Easily Retrive the Key Points of your Recording
Index marks let you specify a particular point in a recording or playback for easy retrieval.

Get the Best Sound with Scene Select Functionality
Wherever you are, whether it’s a conference room, large hall, or at home dictating, the microphones will automatically adjust to capture the best sound depending on your setting.

Voice Activation Functionality
A variable control voice acuator allows the voice recorder to automatically start and stop recording based upon the volume of noise, allowing you to save time and energy. 

USB 2.0 Support
Allows high speed, mass storage of files and fast transfers to your PC for emailing, editing, or archiving.

Playback Speed Control
Gives you the flexibility to adjust the speed at which you play back your audio file.

Olympus VN-8500PC Technical Specs

Product Class: Digital Notetaker with PC Connection
Mobile / Stationary: Mobile and Stationary
SD / SDHC card: No
microSD / microSDHC card: No
Internal memory: 1 GB
USB Speed: USB 2.0 High Speed
Display colour: B &W
Display Backlit: No
Display Size: 29 x 29 mm 1.61 ''
Main Switch: Push
HOLD switch: Yes
Power switch: Yes
Recording format: WMA
Recording STXQ: 67 h
Recording STHQ: 131 h
Recording STSP: 421 h
Playback format: WMA
Sampling STXQ: 44.1 kHz / 32 kbps
Sampling STHQ: 22 kHz / 16 kbps
Sampling STSP: 8 kHz / 5 kbps
Overall (Hz): 70-13,000
Recording Scenes: Memo, Meeting, Conference, Speech-Recognition, User Defined Setting
Direct recording: No
New button: No
Partial Erase: No
Erase all files: Yes
Erase single files: Yes
Handsfree recording function via optional footswitch: No
Verbal annotations (up to 32 per file): No
Continuous Recording: No
Manual Rec level control: No
Telephone recording: No
Zoom Mic. Setting (DVM): No
Timer recording: No
VCVA recording: Yes VCVA (voice activation) for hands free recording
Index: Up to 16 per file
Rec Monitor: Yes
Insert: No
Overwrite: No
Low Cut-Filter: Yes
Noise canceling function: No
Voice filter: No
Forward / Reverse Skip: Yes
Repeat playback: Yes
Continuous playback: Yes
Gapless playback: Yes
Cue/Review: No
Fast forward and rewind: Yes
Playback speed: Adjustable Fast: 10 Steps, max. +100% / Slow: 5 Steps, min: -50%
Folder voice: 5
Files per folder: 200
Time/date info: no audible support
Folder music: Yes
Calendar Search: False
Author ID Setting: No
Worktype ID Setting: No
Priority setting: No
Pending File: No
Audible support: No
Podcast support: No
Remote Control: No
Voice feedback / guidance: No
Daisy Support: No
Text to Speech Processing: No
Visual Index function: No
Voice commands: No
corresponding Audio software (name): Sonority
Microphone sensitivity: HI/LO
PC interface: USB storage class
Microphones: Built-in mono microphone
Speaker Diameter: Built-in ø 28 mm round dynamic speaker
Max. working output: 250 mW or more (8 Ω speaker)
Power Supply: 2 x AAA Batteries
Docking station with recharge function: No
Device standalone recharge function via USB: No
Device standalone recharge function via AC adapter: No
Weight: 66 g (incl. batteries)
WxHxD: 108 x 39 x 16.8 mm (without protrusions)
Menu languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Chinese
Lock single files: Yes
Device lock by PIN code: No
Device Locky by Fingerprint: No

Olympus VN-8500PC - 1Gb Digital Voice Recorder


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