Olympus RS-32 3 Button USB Hand Controller for Transcription

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Olympus RS-32 Hand Controller


Perfect for the new generation of transcription typist who have grown up not using a foot pedal. The hot-key transcriptionist will find the ergonomic design of the RS-32 more comfortable and the ease-of-use tapping dedicated audio controllers a better experience than the hot key when using Olympus ODMS.

Packed with advanced features, Olympus’ new RS-32 Hand Controller is a multi-function device that gives transcriptionists and Professional Dictation System users (Windows only) hands-on control over their files.

Add ergonomic transcription functionality to any standard keyboard. Improve efficiency for non-footswitch users. Increase the functionality of your DS-7000 or DS-3500 handheld voice recorder by using it as a tethered remote control (Windows only). However you deploy it, the RS-32 Hand Controller makes Olympus’ industry-leading dictation and transcription equipment and software even better.


Features of the RS-32:


Versatile Functionality

The programmable function button layout lets you customize operation for every user.


Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Simply designed to fit most standard keyboards, the RS-32 Hand Controller is comfortable enough for all-day use.


Nonslip Mat

The base of the RS-32 contains two nonslip urethane foam mats, ensuring the device stays in place – even under heavy use.


Tech Specs:

Connection: USB

Computer compatibility: PC or Mac

Software required:


  • Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 (minimum version R5.0.14) dictation or transcription module
  • Olympus ODMS R6 (minimum version R6.2) dictation or transcription module


  • DSS Player Plus v7 (minimum version 7.4)

Box contents:

  • RS-32 Hand Controller
  • Wrist rest
  • USB cable
  • ø2.5-DIN cable
  • Instruction manual
Olympus RS-32 3 Button USB Hand Controller for Transcription Sale


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