Olympus VP-10 USB Pen Digital Voice Recorder 4Gb


Never miss a recording opportunity with One-Touch Recording

The new sleek design of the VP-10 allows you to capture conversations naturally, even while having the recorder in your pocket. This innovative recorder features new technologies optimum for business use, to achieve high-quality recording.

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High-quality stereo recording in all environments

In order to securely capture every sound and voice, the recorder features Omni-directional stereo microphones which capture sound from all directions, even when recording from your pocket. The recorder has low noise, high quality microphones in its compact slim body.

Olympus VP10 Product Overview PDF Download the Olympus Australia VP-10 Product Sheet

"Anti-Rustle" filter reduces surface friction while recording in your pocket

Olympus’ unique “Anti-Rustle” filter technology identifies the difference between voice and rustling sound by its characteristics, and effectively suppresses the noise only. This removes the rustling noise generated when operating the recorder from in your pocket, to achieve a low-noise, clear sound.

Compatible with various recording formats - MP3 / WMA / PCM WAV

Select from three recording formats: the high-quality unsuppressed Linear PCM format (22.05kHz); the versatile MP3 format, which is used by both Windows and Mac users; or WMA format, which has good sound quality even at a lower bit rate.

Olympus Australia VP-10 Digital Pen Voice Interview Recorder

Create meeting minutes efficiently with "Transcription" mode

"Transcription" mode is convenient when you want to create minutes from your meeting recordings. While transcribing, it is necessary to frequently repeat play and stop to check the content. As such, when resuming playback, the recorder will automatically playback from 3 seconds before playback was stopped, so that you can easily review the content you need. The fast forward function is set to a preset 2.0x speed so that you can conveniently skip the silences in your recording. Furthermore, the Voice Balancer helps to normalise audio level when recording speakers with different volume levels in a meeting.

Direct USB connection without a cable - Mac or Windows

The body of the VP-10 includes a built-in USB connector to let you connect directly to a computer merely by removing the cover. Not only can you easily save and share your recordings via your computer without the need for cable or software, you can also recharge the unit from the PC without having to remove the batteries from the device. The recorder can also be used as a USB memory device.

Five recording scene modes, including "Pocket" mode

At a simple selection from the menu, you can choose optimum recording settings according to specific scenes. Pocket mode is effective for recording a wide range of voices when the device is in your pocket. With Dictation, Conference, Meeting or DNS modes, you can easily capture fail-proof, high-quality recordings.

Olympus VP-10 Australia Pen Digital Meeting Covert Voice Recorder

Compatible with standard AAA batteries - Come with rechargeable batteries

The recorder is compatible with standard AAA batteries. Not only can you use the rechargeable batteries bundled with the recorder, you can also replace them with alkaline batteries, so you never have to worry about running out of power when out and about.

Tech Specs

Recording formats

  • Linear PCM (pulse-code modulation)format
  • MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) format - our recommendation
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio) format

Sampling frequency

  • Linear PCM WAV format - 22.05 kHz/16 bits - 22.05kHz (Mac or Windows)
  • MP3 format - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz (recommended for Mac or Windows)
  • WMA format - 32 kbps mono - 44.1kHz (Windows)

Recording media

  • Built-in NAND flash memory - 4Gb

Power source

  • Standard Voltage - 1.5v
  • Battery - One AAA dry cell battery (model LR03), or one Olympus nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions - 17mm x 130mm x 17mm
  • Weight - 37.5g (including battery)

Battery life (when recording with the built-in stereo microphone)

  • Linear PCM WAV - Approx. 24 hours w/ alkaline battery | 20 hours w/ NiMh battery
  • MP3 - Approx. 27 hours w/ alkaline battery | 22 w/ NiMh battery
  • WMA - Approx. 33 hours w/ alkaline battery | 26 hours w/ NiMh battery

Recording Time (the important bit)

  • Linear PCM WAV - 12 hours of recording
  • MP3 - 66 hours of recording (our recommended record setting)
  • WMA - 258 hours or recording
Olympus VP-10 USB Pen Digital Voice Recorder 4Gb


Olympus VP-10 USB Pen Digital Voice Recorder 4Gb

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