Olympus LS-3 Digital PCM Recorder

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Olympus LS-3 discontinued expected to be replaced in 2013 by the LS-12 and LS-14

The Olympus LS-3 was discontinued by Olympus Australia in late November 2012 - The current equivalent model is the DM-3

{blog} Olympus LS-3 expected to be replaced by the new LS-12 and LS-14 models in early 2013

With the new Olympus LS-3 you can have it all: Superb sound quality, smooth operation and a durable, take-me-anywhere design that fits in literally every pocket or bag. Despite its minimal weight - just 90g with batteries - and its incredibly small size, you’ll find many examples of advanced sound engineering: Awesome superior-to-CD quality sound due to the 24bit/96kHz PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) uncompressed WAV format, two directional microphones with 90° orientation for most natural stereo recording, plus an omni-directional centre microphone capable of capturing lower bass ranges with stunning clarity. 

If it’s a bit hectic you will love the pre-recording option, which enables you to start recording up to 2 seconds before you press the recording button. The built-in 4GB memory gives up to 65 hours of recording time in popular mp3 format (128 kbps). If that’s still not enough you can extend the recording capacity using the microSD(HC) card slot. Furthermore, the Olympus LS-3 comes with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and an internal USB charging function ideal for people on the move. Whether you’re a musician looking to record practice sessions, shows or song ideas, a nature enthusiast with a passion for capturing bird songs, a journalist, choir or theatre director, or simply anyone who demands exceptionally clear, crisp sound, the pocket-sized Olympus LS-3 is a must have.

Olympus LS-3 Key Features

  • Mac & Windows Compatible
  • Pocket-sized linear PCM recorder with 24bit/96kHz sampling rate
  • 3 microphones (stereo directional MIC and centre omni-directional MIC)
  • 4GB internal memory plus microSD(HC) slot
  • Pre-recording: starts up to 2 seconds before recording button is pressed
  • WAV/WMA/MP3 recording formats
  • Rechargeable batteries & USB charging function
  • Partial Erase, File divide, move and copy


Operating Systems

    Windows: XP (SP2 or later), Vista, Windows 7

    Mac: OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion)

Recording Formats

    Linear PCM (Pulse Code Modulation)

    MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)

    WMA (Windows Media Audio)

Maximum Recording Times

    Linear PCM Format

        Recording Mode: 96kHz 24bit     Built-In 4Gb Mem: 1h 45min    16Gb microSD: 7h 25min

    MP3 Format

        Recording Mode: 320 kbps         Built-In 4Gb Mem: 25h 30min    16Gb microSD: 107h

    WMA Format

        Recording Mode: 128 kbps         Built-In 4Gb Mem: 62h                16Gb microSD: 262h

Sampling Frequency

    Linear PCM Format

        96kHz 24 bit

        88.2 kHz 24 bit

        48 kHz 16 bit

        44.1 kHz 16 bit

        44.1 kHz mono

    .MP3 Format

        320 kbps ~ 44.1 kHz

        256 kbps ~ 44.1 kHz

        128 kbps ~ 44.1 kHz    

        mono ~ 44.1 kHz

    .WMA Format

        128 kbps ~ 44.1 kHz

          64 kbps ~ 44.1 kHz

          32 kbps ~ 22 kHz

          mono ~ 8 kHz

Maximum working output: 400 mW (8 Ω speaker)

Maximum headphone output: 150 mV (according to EN 50332-2)

Recording medium:
Built-in NAND FLASH memory: 4 GB microSD card: 512 MB to 32 GB

Built-in ø 20 mm round dynamic speaker

MIC jack:
ø 3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 2.2 kΩ

EAR jack:
ø 3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 8 Ω or more

Input power requirement: 


AAA battery (LR03) or

Olympus Ni-MH rechargeable battery External power supply:

USB connecting AC adapter(A514) 5 V

External dimensions: 112 mm × 39.8 mm × 15.9 mm (without protrusions)

Weight: 90 g (including batteries)

Operating temperature: 0°C - 42°C/ 32°F - 107.6°F

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Olympus LS-3 Digital PCM Recorder Olympus LS-3 Digital PCM Recorder Olympus LS-3 Digital PCM Recorder

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