AS-56 - ODMS for Administrators


Olympus AS-56 discontinued by Olympus Australia

The Olympus AS-56 was discontinued by Olympus Australia in April 2018

In 2012 with the release of the new Olympus software for digital dictation and transcription, ODMS R6 (Olympus Dictation Management Software), came a change in the way Olympus software in a Workgroup Windows server environment is managed. In R5 (DSS Player Pro) the Workgroup admin software was included for free with the R5 dictation and transcription module. With R6 this software has been separated and is now a purchasable item, no longer included with the Pro dictaphones or transcription kits.

With ODMS R6 for System Administrators you can fully manage your fleet of R5 and R6 dictation module and transcription module Olympus licences. You will require an Olympus MUL (Multi User Licence), we can get your MUL for you for free - please contact us for details.
AS-56 - ODMS for Administrators


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