Still Running Olympus DSS Player Pro R5 Dictation or Transcription Module? Upgrade Your Software To ODMS R6

23 October, 2017

** Update : Olympus have released R7 of ODMS - you can upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 or ODMS R6 to the latest version Release 7 click here for details

What to do if you have a working, older Olympus digital dictaphone or transcription kit but your Olympus Windows software is no longer supported?

One of the main reasons that people love and continue to buy Olympus dictation products is because they are solid units and last for years and years. The current top-of-the-range digital dictaphone the Olympus DS-7000 is the latest in a long line of a history of professional digital voice recorders and replaced the Olympus DS-5000 which in turn replaced the Olympus DS-4000.

The evolution of Olympus professional digital dictation machines DSS DS-4000 DS-5000 DS-7000

We continue to sell a great many replacement rechargeable batteries for the Olympus DS5000 (BR-403) which shows that they are still very actively used throughout Australia thanks to the build quality that all Olympus voice recorders enjoy. Indeed we had a customer recently still happily using the Olympus DS-4000, a model that was discontinued way back in 2009.

Although the physical hand held devices have a long and prosperous life, not so their software. With rapid advances in the Widows operating systems spanning the life of the Olympus DS-4000 to DS-5000 to DS-7000 we have lived through Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 not to mention the transition from 32bit to 64bit.

What software came with your Olympus DS-5000 or AS-5000 ?

Olympus DS-5000 and AS-5000 were both supplied with DSS Player Pro Release 5 (R5)

I am moving to Windows 10, will DSS Player Pro R5 still work?

It might but it is no longer supported by Olympus and is officially not compatible with Windows 8 and above.

Can I upgrade to the latest supported Olympus software and still use my DS-5000 or transcription foot pedal?

Yes, Olympus have made it easy to upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 to R6 of their software, which also changed name to ODMS or Olympus Dictation Management System. To upgrade you must know your R5 serial or licence key. You will know if your software is DSS Player Pro R5 as your licence key would start with the letters RD5xx or RT5xx 

ODMS R6 dictation module supports the Olympus DS-5000. If you have a transcription kit and need to upgrade to ODMS R6 transcription module just make sure that your pedal is an RS-28. Older RS-26 pedals will not work.

How do I upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 to ODMS R6?

You will need to buy one of the following Olympus part numbers, they are $59 each incl. GST. You will need one part for each computer as each computer requires a unique licence key:

Olympus AS-7003 - DSS Player Pro R5 Dictation Module (RD5xx) Upgrade to ODMS R6 DM

Olympus AS-7004 - DSS Player Pro R5 Transcription Module (RT5xx) Upgrade to ODMS R6 TM

What is a digital download?

We now offer the R5 dictation module and transcription module upgrades as digital downloads. This means that when you order you will instantly be given your ODMS R6 upgrade licence key plus a link to download the latest version of the ODMS R6 software. This allows you to update a R5 install in minutes rather than wait a day or two for physical delivery of a CD.

Additionally, the ODMS R6 installer we supply also comes with the latest patches and full ODMS documentation. We will also email you a scanned copy of your physical hard printed licence key.


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