Olympus Transcription Pedals and Non Olympus Software, like Express Scribe

02 May, 2017

Olympus recently released an update to their USB transcription pedal line, replacing the RS-28 and RS-31 with RS-28H and RS-31H. The pedals look exactly the same, they all work with Olympus ODMS transcription module for Windows or DSS Player Plus for Mac, the only difference is HID compliance.

Olympus USB Transcription Foot Pedal Control Express Scribe RS-28H RS-31H

Ah, now you see where the H comes from but what is HID? Essentially it means that the device, in this case the Olympus foot pedals, now use the Human Interface Device protocols to communicate with a computer, so to the non techy, your computer can now talk to the pedal and not be locked out to needing a specific driver and software (a la RS-28 and RS-31).

To get an Olympus pedal to work with any audio or video playback software, popularly Express Scribe and Windows Media Player, all you will need is a H pedal (RS-28H or RS-31H) and the free Olympus Foot Switch Configuration Tool for Mac and Windows 10. The older RS-28 and RS-31 will not work.

The tool is available for both Mac and Windows and essentially lets you map hot keys used by the non Olympus software to a pedal. E.g. the keyboard command sequence in Express Scribe to play audio is F9 so that command simply needs to be mapped to the pedal of your choice. It is as simple as that.

Head across to our main blog - iDictate.com.au - for a screen shot of the Foot Switch Configuration Tool and the Olympus Australia download links for the free Windows and Mac software.

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