Olympus Release ODMS R7 Patch 0001 - Fixes Multiple Outlook Windows Issue

15 June, 2018

Hot on the release of Olympus ODMS R7 dictation and transcription software for Windows back in April 2018 the first patch has been released, Patch 0001. Unlike a version update there is little in the way of release notes just a reference to an issue where ODMS R7 opens mulitiple Outlook windows, fixed with this patch.

Download Olympus ODMS R7 DM TM Patch0001

If you are having this issue we recommend that you download and apply this patch. You can download it via the links below, please note that it is a .exe file so it may be blocked by your network admin or Windows itself, if so please email us sales@dictate.com.au and we will find a way to get you access to the patch.

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