Olympus ODDS + Dictation Portal + Smartphone App = Confused?

18 November, 2019

Olympus Dictation App for iOS and Android Help with Setup Configuration ODDSOlympus globally recently released v2 of their popular Dictation App for both iOS and Android and with it came a whole load of changes and some confusion for end-users.

Don't stress, Dictate Australia are here to help (regardless of where in the world you are) and it's as simple as:


  1. Select Dictate Australia as your preferred Olympus dealer
  2. Enable Dealer Management in the Olympus Dictation Portal 

Here is how in a quick 1-minute video:

What is Dealer Management?

By enabling Dealer Management in your Olympus Dictation Portal account you are allowing a specific dealer the ability to view and change your ODDS licences. We can configure new licences and make changes to existing licences on your behalf. Why is this useful?

  • We know the config inside out and can do it quickly
  • Add multiple recipients to emails
  • Clean up and personalise email subjects and content
  • Configure SFTP settings for you
  • Add individual .ds2 file encryption
  • Save you time trying to figure out/troubleshoot how Olympus ODDS licences work
  • It's free 

Why do I now need an ODDS licence?

An Olympus ODDS licence - Olympus Dictation Delivery Service - is now required from v2 of the Olympus Dictation App. Prior to v2 users were able to dictate and send audio via email directly from the app in .m4a format. .m4a is not secure and should not be used for confidential client or patient dictation.

An ODDS licence enables the ability to send .ds2 (DSS Pro) audio files which can be individually encrypted. Note: all transmissions of audio files are encrypted end-to-end using HTTPS, only the Olympus Dictation App adds an extra layer of security with the individual file encryption.

I'm lost, can you help?

Yes, we have been a leading supplier of Olympus ODDS licences across Australia, Europe and the USA since its inception and have hundred of clients using the app and the ODDS system every day. We are happy to help with licence setup, configuration and troubleshooting for you and your business.

Below (left) is a tweet we (twitter.com/dictates) posted late 2019 which showed the number of individual dictation files successfully recorded and sent by our customers in October 2019. Olympus in the UK picked up on the tweet and posted their numbers (right) for the same month. 

Olympus UK twitter ODDS dictation App file numbers


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