Olympus DS-5000 Battery Issues?

26 May, 2017

Do you own an Olympus DS-5000 digital Dictaphone? Are you starting to experience some issues with its battery, for example it no longer holds charge for a full day or discharges quickly?

If you are having issues with your Olympus DS-5000 battery then it is no surprise. These recorders were discontinued some four years ago yet are still widely used because they are strong and robust. The recorder itself may be in fantastic working condition but the rechargeable battery inside the recorder, with its constant charge and discharge, over time will degrade.

The simple way to fix battery issues is to just replace the rechargeable battery in the unit. The battery part number is Olympus BR-403 and they can be purchased from our store and cost $45 incl. GST with free delivery.

In the interim, while you're waiting for delivery, you can use standard alkaline AAA  batteries in your Olympus DS-5000 digital dictaphone. If you open the battery compartment and remove the rechargeable BR-403 battery you will see indicated in the compartment how to insert standard 2x AAA alkaline batteries. This is detailed in the Olympus the DS-5000 manual, see below:

Olympus DS-5000 dictaphone voice recorder replacement battery BR-403 rechargeable

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