Latest Olympus DS-9500 Firmware Update - v1.11

16 November, 2018

Olympus have issued another firmware upgrade (v1.11) to the high end DS-9500 professional dictaphone. Thanks to the advances in the ODMS R7 software (included with the dictaphone) for Windows both software and firmware updates are now automatically detected and applied. The video below shows how to apply any Olympus DS-9500 firmware update:

The release notes for the Olympus DS-9500 Firmware v1.11 are:

Issue: Change v1.11 History / Notes for previous version
Not Booting Correctly

Fixed character
processing of DS-9500 so that special
characters can be converted correctly

When a battery is inserted into DS-9500, after the boot icon (■■□□□) is displayed on the LCD, the LCD changes to black screen and the
device will not turn on.

An exception error occurred due to file conversion processing of
special characters in a file/folder name.

Drained Battery /
Battery Cannot be
Resolved an issue with the device charging flow so that even a drained
battery can be

The included battery with DS-9500 cannot be charged.

•There is no reaction when inserting a battery into DS-9500, connecting the recorder to a PC, or when setting the recorder in the cradle. The CHARGE indicator on the cradle is not on.

•When inserting a battery into DS-9500, the LED flashes Red then it turns off. When connecting to PC or setting the recorder in the cradle,
Red LED flashes and turns off, there is no reaction. CHARGE indicator light of cradle is not on.

Since the recorder does not have enough voltage to power on correctly, it does not move to charging operation when the battery
voltage is low.

Message is Displayed
on PC Connection
Resolved so that the current firmware version of DS-9500 is reflected correctly
in the ODI file.

When connecting DS-9500 to a PC where ODMS R7 is installed, a prompt asking the user to transfer the latest firmware version to the
device is shown although the device has the latest firmware applied.

The system information of DS-9500 is recorded to an ‘ODI’ file in the internal memory. The application references this file to obtain the
firmware version when the device is connected in Storage Mode. Since the current firmware version was not reflected to the ODI file
correctly, ODMS was incorrectly detecting that the recorder had F/W version 1.0.0 applied.

Note: This issue does not occur when in Composite Mode as the recorder version information is obtained via HDI command.

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