Olympus WCS - Wireless Communication Service - Olympus DS-9500 WiFi

15 May, 2018

Recently Olympus Australia launched their new Olympus DS-9500 pro dictaphone, ousting the old faithful DS-7000 and bringing with it WiFi connectivity and an ODMS upgrade.

ODMS R7 looks pretty much the same as ODMS R6 so will be familiar to existing users. What is new though is WiFi connectivity which enables the DS-9500 to send audio, over wifi rather than through the dock, saving you a trip back to your desk every time you want to send dictation. Early reports from users who have upgraded from the DS-7000 or DS-5000 is positive, they like this feature.

What do I need to setup wifi transfer?

Olympus WCS or Wireless Communication Service is what you need. Its a program that runs on a Windows PC or server and provides the link from DS-9500 to your shared network folders from which the transcription modules can auto collect the audio. The WCS installer is free (no licence required) and comes with the ODMS R7 software (you can download the latest version at any time from dictat.es/r7 )

Free Download Olympus WCS Wireless Communication Service for Windows DS-9500 Wifi

Drop into the WCS folder, right click on the setup.exe and "Run as Administrator" to install the WCS client:

Install Olympus WCS Wireless Communication Service on Windows as Administrator

Click through the Flexera InstallShield screens (next, next, next) and take the defaults, including the default port 9500 (you can change this later). When you get to the "Enable device management by SCP" you can leave this un-ticked. This is only used in larger organisations where administrators can manage many device profiles from a central location:

Olympus WCS install SCP settings Windows

Once installed you will need to restart your PC or server: 

Olympus WCS Windows Install Reboot Required

When your computer restarts you will be able to find the Olympus WCS and its settings:

Olympus WCS Windows Install Settings

From within the settings you can define the location for the audio files to be places, there are advanced options to store files based on author ID. The next step is to create a wireless profile on your Olympus DS-9500, you will need to know the IP address of the computer that the WCS service is running in, it is preferred that it is a static IP address.

Full details on all of the above in the official Olympus WCS Admin Guide 

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