Move Your Legal/Medical Practice to Cloud Dictation & Transcription

29 October, 2020

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Does your medical or legal practice suffer from any of these?

  • Issues installing/configuring software on desktops for dictation and transcription
  • Old physical dictaphones no longer supported by current software
  • Complexities managing and understanding software licences for dictation and transcription
  • Have staff who want or need to work remotely and you have no idea what software and hardware you need to facilitate this
  • Software often requiring updates that require an upgrade licence and cost
  • Constant interaction with your IT provider to fix/update dictate and transcription solutions costing more dollars and time

If you can relate to any one of these then switching to the Philips Speechlive cloud dictation and transcription system is for you. Here is why ..

BYOD (Bring Your Own Dictaphone)

Any digital dictation recorded on existing Philips or Olympus handheld dictaphones or created using the Philips SpeechLive App for iOS and Android is uploaded to the Philips Dictation secure Australian hosted cloud. The status of the dictation is always available in the Speechlive web portal or shown on the Philips Speechlive app so you always know the progress of your dictation.

Transcribe on any Windows or Mac - No Software Required

Transcription typists. On any internet connected Windows PC or Mac you can review your transcription jobs and transcribe directly in the browser (Chrome or Firefox). Use hotkeys for stop/play/rewind or plugin a Philips ACC2330 USB Transcription Foot Pedal. Work from the home, from the office, while on holiday in fact anywhere in the world all via a browser. This is the future of the digital workplace and is here now with Philips Speechlive.

Philips Speechlive FAQs 

Q. We are using Olympus dictaphones (DS-4000, DS-5000, DS-7000, DS-9000/DS-9500) can we also use Speechlive?

A. Yes. The Olympus and Philips dictaphones record your dictation into a digital audio file format called .dss or .ds2 (DSS Pro), its like an mp3 but smaller in size and secure. Even without the Olympus ODMS software installed you can use your physical dictaphone and with the free Philips File Uploader can dock and send your audio to Speechlive. We can help you set this up. You don't need ODMS installed.

Q. We have many dictation authors whose audio go to our typing pool, how does that work?

A. When we set you up in the Speechlive system we will map your authors to your typists. Typists will be alerted when audio for them arrives and if one transcriptionist starts a file others will see and know to start on another audio dictation. All cloud based.

Q. I am a transcription typist and use Olympus ODMS R6 Transcription Module or ODMS R7 Transcription Module or any version of Philips SpeechExec Transcribe or ExpressScribe on Windows or on macOS Olympus DSS Player Plus can I switch to Speechlive?

A. Yes and you can work on any internet connected Mac or PC from anywhere. If you need a footpedal you will need the Philips ACC2330 pedal or you can use hotkeys. 

Q. We use Olympus ODDS for our dictation on smartphones. We have a few months left on our licences, can we move to Speechlive and pro-rata the time we have left.

A. Yes no need to wait until your ODDS licences come up for expiry. You can switch now and we will credit your Speechlive account with the remaining months on your ODDS licences.

For a more detailed read on moving your legal/medical practice to the Australian hosted Philips Speechlive cloud dictation and transcription solution please read our in depth blog post:

If you are interested in a free trial or quick easy demo of Philips Speechlive, or have questions please contact us: or give us a call on 1300 88 23 75

Dictate Australia have been around for nearly 15 years, the vast majority of that time we have focussed solely on the Olympus range of digital dictation and transcription solutions. Recently we have partnered with Philips Dictation Australia, together we will support you and your business.

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