How To Install ODMS R7 Dictation or Transcription Module In Trial Mode

18 June, 2018

### UPDATE 2024 ###
Olympus, now called OM System, have released ODMS R8 for Windows. Click here for details on the free trial of ODMS R8.


Olympus ODMS R7 was released in April 2018 simultaneously with the release of the latest professional digital dictation recorder the Olympus DS-9500 and the transcription kit AS-9000

The ODMS R7 software comes in two modules (installed via just one installer) Dictation Module (DM) and Transcription Module (TM). The DM comes in the box with the DS-9500 and the TM comes in the box with the AS-9000. 

Both modules are installed via a licence key. It is essential that you keep your licence keys safe as they will be required if you suffer a PC crash and need to re-install the software or if you upgrade your PC and need to move the software from the old to the new Windows computer.

It is possible to install ODMS R7 in trial mode. Trial mode will give you full functionality of either DM or TM for 60 days so is useful if you can't find your licence key but need to use the software or if you just want to see how ODMS R7 works for yourself before you buy.

  • Buy AS-9001 - Olympus ODMS R7 DM Dictation Module Licence
  • Buy AS-9002 - Olympus ODMS R7 TM Transcription Module Licence
  • Buy AS-9003 - Olympus ODMS R7 DM Upgrade from ODMS R6 or DSS Player Pro 5
  • Buy AS-9004 - Olympus ODMS R7 TM Upgrade from ODMS R6 or DSS Player Pro 5

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