Olympus LS-P4 - FLAC Recording & Bluetooth Connectivity

26 May, 2018

New from Olympus Australia in the LS range is the Olympus LS-P4. Traditionally the LS series were aimed at musicians with its high quality audio recording across the range of volume from soft to extremely loud. Now Olympus have added videographers to the target market by adding a hot shoe adapter to place the recorder on top of popular 4K recording DSLRs including Olympus' very own range of OM-D cameras.

This is the first Olympus recorder to incorporate the ability to record in the lossless FLAC audio format (it can also record in linear PCM wav and mp3). With FLAC recording you can achieve near perfect 96kHz/24-bit recordings that are better than CD quality but with file sizes which are up to 30% smaller compared to the PCM WAV format. It's the FLAC format that will get the video people and the musicians excited, that paired with the incredible in-built tresmic microphones for superb audio pickup.

Olympus Australia LS-P4 Features FLAC PCM MP3

Weighing in at only 75g with the single AAA rechargeable battery on-board the little Olympus LS-P4 packs a punch protected in it's metal body with up-to 39 hours of battery life off one charge. The Olympus LS-P4 comes with 8Gb of memory built in and the option to pop in a microSD card up-to 32Gb for additional storage.

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