Olympus DS-9500 - Trade In Your Old Dictaphone/Voice Recorder For $150 Cash Back

15 September, 2018


Olympus DS-9500 Trade In Offer Promo with $150 Cash Back Dictate Australia

Occasionally Olympus Australia will pull a promo out of the bag to entice the seasoned dictator to upgrade to the latest and greatest in the digital voice recording world from Olympus. It's that time again, but hurry this is only around until October 31st, 2018.

If you have been hanging onto your trusty old Philips or Olympus DS-4000 or DS-5000 now is the time to trade up. Have an old tape dictaphone lying around, trade that in, any brand, working or not.

What Do I Need To Trade In?

  • A voice recorder or dictaphone, working or not, any brand

What Will I Get?

  • $150 Visa Pre-Paid card to treat yourself or your family to something nice

What Do I Need To Buy To Get My $150?

How Do I Get My $150

  1. We will send you a copy of your paid invoice for your DS-9500
  2. You complete the online form www.olympus.com.au/audiotradein 
  3. You send Olympus a copy of your paid invoice
  4. You wait patiently for the postie to deliver you prepaid $150 Visa debit card

What's So Good About The New Olympus DS-9500?

  • Compatible with Windows 10 & macOS
  • Can connect to any wifi hotspot to send dictation via email from the device, no need to dock
  • Super clear audio recording for all your dictation
  • Open up the mic and record your meetings and interviews too
  • Encrypt your .ds2 (DSS Pro) audio to ensure confidentiality when sending your dictation over the internet
  • Fully compatible with Dragon for Windows & macOS
  • Olympus DS-9500 - Setting the standard in digital dictation

All the details in this PDF for you to download and read. Any questions tweet us @dictates or email sales@dictate.com.au 

call: 1300 88 23 75 ~ twitter: @dictates ~ facebook.com/dictate.australia ~ sales@dictate.com.au - pay by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Bank Transfer or Purchase Order

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