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24 May, 2019

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As part of our 2019 strategy to grow our brand outside of just dictation and transcription, we have just become a Dropbox Business reseller here in Australia. This year has already seen us add iOS microphones from Rode and explore new voice-to-text capabilities with Amazon's AWS Transcribe, now we focus on SaaS storage and collaboration with Dropbox.

Why buy Dropbox Business licences from Dictate Australia?

We have been users of Dropbox since June 2009, almost ten years, and it has been invaluable for our business to quickly and securely store, share and collaborate on all kinds of files both in the cloud and on our local devices.

Sure you can buy Dropbox Business licences direct from Dropbox but by going through a trusted partner like us you will receive the dedicated support and guidance you need.

Can I try before I buy?

Of course, Dropbox offers a 30-day trial. We can guide you all the way from initial setup to configuration to migration of data and users into Dropbox followed by training and support.

We have O365 so can just use One-Drive can't we?

Dropbox Business and Microsoft Office 365 O365 Australia

Yes, depending on your Office 365 plan you will have up to 1TB of cloud storage. With Dropbox Standard you get 3TB but with Dropbox Advanced storage is unlimited.

With technology unique to Dropbox you can choose to sync some, all or none of your files to your device (Windows PC, Mac, iOS device, Linux computer). Changed files are Smart Sync'd to Dropbox in file chunks, so the whole file does not need to be uploaded every time it is updated or changed. And with network sync, users on the same network can sync files across that network. Fast and secure.

Click the link ( https://dictat.es/dropbox-o365 ) for the one-pager Why Teams use Dropbox Business with Microsoft Office 365

Thinking of moving your on-premise storage to the cloud? Have a chat with us at Dictate Australia ( https://dictat.es/contact ) for some free advice on the benefits of Dropbox Business.

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