Dragon Voice to Text Software - Time To Revisit This Gem

25 May, 2017

We have been dabbling with Dragon on both Mac and Windows quite a few years. We tend to phase-in for a while and then phase out, Dragon always talk the talk but never quite walked the walk. That is until now!

Latest Dragon for Mac OSX and Windows 10 Australia Dictate Voice to Text

We recently upgraded our Mac version of Dragon to the latest version which is Dragon  Professional Individual version 6 for Mac. Straightaway we noticed a drastic improvement. Training a voice profile was very quick and subsequent real-time dictation was virtually 100% accurate.

So, we thought we would give transcription of an audio file a try. The results were very good, we selected a female speaker and ripped the audio from the Internet. The video below shows how well Dragon transcribed the voice, remember there was no training involved at all for Dragon to listen and just transcribe straight out of the box.

We have a more detailed blog post on this, including using Dragon to transcribe an interview, over at our main blog site: https://idictate.com.au

This post was written using voice only with Dragon Professional Individual for Mac v6

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