Free Download DSS Pro .ds2 Audio File Samples

13 June, 2018

The Digital Speech Standard ( .dss ) file format has been around for years, it was developed jointly by Olympus, Phillips and Grundig back in 1994 and by 2005 became the standard for all digital dictation files, back then described as .dss (Digital Speech Standard) = MP3 for Speech. It was created specifically to maintain high-quality audio but in a small file size which could be easily transferred over the internet. At the time it was a revolution and saw traditional transcription typists move out of the office to be able to work from potentially anywhere in the world.

Free Download .ds2 DSS Pro Audio File       Free Download .ds2 DSS Pro Audio File with 128bit Encryption        Free Download .ds2 DSS Pro Audio File with 256bit Encryption

The decrypt password for the two encrypted .ds2 audio samples above is 1234

In 2009 the DSS Pro version of DSS was released which resulted in a new file format ending in .ds2 - the Pro format recognised the need for security in the internet world and allowed for encryption of the audio file, essential and a requirement now for confidential audio created by most of the digital dictaphone users today, mainly legal and medical professionals.

To play these file formats .dss / .ds2 you would need proprietary software, although the older .dss format has been cracked and many free transcription programs have the ability to play back .dss. But if you are serious about confidentiality as an author or serious about transcription as a typist then only the three who created the .ds2 format offer software to both play back and encrypt / decrypt dictation recorded in the .ds2 audio format which is now standard on all pro digital dictaphones.

Feel free to download the above DSS Pro .ds2 audio sample files to test playback in your audio / transcription software. The password for the encrypted files is 1234

Free Trials of both Olympus and Philips Software for Windows Are Available:

What Olympus and Philips software can playback the .ds2 audio format?

DSS Pro .ds2 Audio Files - Not Encrypted can be played with:

DSS Pro .ds2 Audio Files - 256bit Encrypted can only be played with:

DSS Pro .ds2 Audio Files - 128bit Encrypted can be played with:


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