Dictate New Zealand - Olympus Dictation & Transcription in NZ

30 June, 2019

Dictate Australia has just launched (1st July, 2019) its online presence in New Zealand with their new Dictate New Zealand store - dictates.nz

Dictate New Zealand - Olympus Digital Dictation Transcription


Over the last few months we have had a significant increase in web traffic from New Zealand as well as a few LiveChat sessions with people on both the North and South Islands many looking for digital dictation and transcription advice, software and equipment.

What About Shipping?

Luckily International Express ost shipping from Sydney to New Zealand only takes 2-4 business days so physical items will arrive quickly and with tracking. To celebrate the launch free shipping available for the whole of July 2019 with the coupon code ZIPSHIPJULY

What About Olympus Software Licence Keys in New Zealand?

Just like we do in Australia we will also be making software licence keys available to New Zealand customers for both full ODMS R7 licences and ODMS R7 upgrades from DSS Player Pro R6 and ODMS R6.

What About The Olympus Dictation App ODDS Licences?

Yes these also available to New Zealand along with our 60-day free trial. Just like in Australia our New Zealand customers also receive free ODDS licence setup and configuration.

We already have a number of international ODDS (Olympus Dictation Delivery Service) customers and are looking forward to adding New Zealand authors to the list.


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