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28 June, 2016

What should I look for when choosing a digital dictation app for my smartphone?

We all carry smartphones with us so it only makes sense to look for an app that can help with digital dictation so that we can continue to work away from the office. Sure you can take your professional digital dictation machine, perhaps an Olympus DS-7000, with you when you leave the office but then how to you send the audio through unless you bring the cables and the dock? If you are in court or on patient visits can that audio really wait until you are back at your PC or Mac to send the urgent dictation?

This is where the Olympus Dictation smartphone app comes in. Available for iPhone or Android it is a professional digital dictaphone in the palm of your hand. With all the features of a physical dictaphone, i.e. rewind/review, records in the same audio format used by your transcription typists (dss or ds2), encryption (essential for confidential audio sent across the internet).

Best mobile dictation app smartphone iOS android Olympus

Why choose the Olympus Dictation App when there are plenty to choose from in the App Store or on Google Play? We cover this and list what you should look for when choosing a digital dictation app on our main blog - click here to read that article

The Olympus Dictation App is free to download but requires a subscription licence to use its professional dictation features. We can set you up on a 60 day free no commitment trial for your medical or legal users. We will walk through the licence setup and configuration with you and give you access to the Olympus dictation portal to manage your licences. Grab us on LiveChat or if we are offline email us at

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