Transcription Typists, No Need To Fear The Dragon

06 September, 2013

We have just posted an article on our main blog site titled "Transcription Typists, Tame The Dragon Don't Fear It" where we touch on the occasional fear and animosity that many a transcriptionist has for Dragon, the NaturallySpeaking kind, which automatically converts voice to text. In the post we show how as a transcriptionist now would be a good time to actually embrace this technology and become the voice recognition expert on your practice or firm.

For single speaker audio, this is only one person recording dictation, then Dragon is now a viable option to transcribe most of the audio. The key to that last sentence being most, Dragon is not 100% accurate, although it is getting very close, there will always be a need, especially in medical and legal practices, for computer processed voice-to-text to be proof read. Transcripts will still need to be formatted and accuracy checked. This is where the office transcriptionist comes in.

Using Olympus ODMS transcription module, included in the AS-7000 Professional Transcription Kit and likely what most professional businesses are using for their transcription needs, you can now push dictation audio to Dragon and have it transcribe your audio. When complete all that needs to be done is proof read the finished result, add some formatting and paste the text into your usual letter template or into your medical or legal system of choice.

In our tests this has significantly reduced the physical time taken to produce a transcript. We have found that proofing a Dragon transcribed document will take at the most only 1.5 times the audio length (e.g. a one hour of spoken dictation will take one hour and thirty minutes to proof) compared to the 3 to 4 hours of transcription time it used to take. These are significant time savers for your typists, allowing them to concentrate on other more productive and satisfying tasks.

From the perspective of the person dictating there is absolutely no change, they can continue on using their digital dictaphone. They do not need to train Dragon, you can do that for them using the audio you already have of them speaking.

We cover this in our digital voice blog along with a video to show how the Olympus ODMS transcription module software links to Dragon and how Dragon transcribed text can be proof read. If you would like to know more or just have some basic questions please give us call (In Australia 1300 787 092) or send us an email

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