First Dictation iPhone App Endorsed By Olympus UK - Hugo Dictation

26 April, 2013

UK based Dictation Solutions have released an app for recording dictation on an iPhone. Nothing new there, there are hundreds of them I hear you say. But this one is the only app endorsed by Olympus (UK) as it integrates with the Olympus ODMS and DSS Player Pro transcription module software.

For people who use the Olympus digital dictaphones (DS-7000/DS-3500 and the older DS-5000) the Hugo Dictation app is a useful addition to their professional arsenal. Medical and legal professionals who need to record and send dictation while out of the office can use Hugo Dictation and email the audio from their iPhone to their typist or typing pool. The stand out feature which made Olympus UK love this app is its ability to integrate with the transcription module. Recorded dictation can be accompanied by an xml file which defines the Author Id, Work Type and Priority of dictations, looking exactly the same to the typist as if the audio had come from an Olympus digital dictaphone.

Hugo Dictation records in .wav audio format and comes in a free Lite version which is limited to maximum 30 seconds of recording or a paid version which allows longer dictation. At the time of writing Hugo Dictation is at version 1.1 on the Australian iTunes app store and can currently only email dictation, FTP will be added in future releases.

More information about the app including screen shots and how to configure for use with the Olympus transcription module head to our main blog, click here -

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