Dragon Dictate 3 - Speech Recognition For Mac - Arrives In Australia

20 October, 2012

Finally it has arrived, the boxed versions of Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac are here and ready to ship. There are three variants to choose from which are:

  • Dragon Dictate 3 - with standard USB headset/mic { SKU: S601A-G00-3.0 }
  • Dragon Dictate 3 - with wideband bluetooth headset/mic { SKU: S601A-GN9-3.0 }
  • Dragon Dictate 3 - with a basic digital voice recorder { SKU: S601A-GC3-3.0 }
This is the latest and greatest voice recognition software from Nuance (the Dragon NaturallySpeaking people) for the Mac and boy is it good. The last version was good, this builds on their expertise and yet again improves accuracy. Training is a breeze and you can be up and running in minutes. Dragon Dictate 3 includes some new commands to take advantage of the latest features in OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). 
Nuance Dragon Microphone Free iOS AppThose of you thinking of dabbling with voice recognition I would go with the standard USB headset/mic combo to begin with. Microphones can always be upgraded later and the headset/mic that comes as standard is adequate to get you going. Personally I am a fan of the free Dragon Microphone iOS app and I tend to use my iPhone as my preferred mic choice.
  Dragon Remote Microphone - Nuance Communications

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