Voice Detect Removes Pauses In Recorded Audio In Olympus WS-812 & WS-813

01 June, 2012

Olympus WS-812 WS-813 Voice Detect Feature
Some new features were recently introduced to two of the new Olympus WS series digital voice recorders, the Olympus WS-812 and Olympus WS-813. One of those new features is a function called Voice Detect which when applied to an audio recording will skip the parts of audio where nobody actually spoke. A handy feature for anyone who takes notes from their recordings of say interviews or meetings.

There is a gotcha though, voice detect will only work on audio on the actual recorder. A recording which has been voice detected when dragged from the recorder to your PC or Mac will revert to its original audio format, with the pauses between speech back in place. Unfortunate as an exported audio file with white audio space removed would be very useful, especially for those who transcribe audio.

Still a useful tool. Just a tip, always listen back to audio recorded on your WS-812 or WS-813 with the supplied ear buds (or iPhone ear buds which also work) as you will hear the best audio quality this way. The in-built speaker is really just there for you to check that your audio has been recorded.

Click here to head to our main blog where I have a sample recording made on the WS-812 with and without Voice Detect so that you can hear the difference.

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