[Windows] Olympus DSS Player Pro Update To R5.0.13 Available

24 May, 2012

Olympus have pushed out a tweak to the DSS Player Pro R5 software which covers both dictation and transcription module on Windows taking the current version to R5.0.13. There are significant changes in here if, like many, you plan to add more digital dictaphones to your dictation fleet, namely the new Olympus DS-7000 (replacement for the DS-5000) and the Olympus DS-3500 (replacement for the DS-3400).

The DS-7000/DS-3500 have the ability to encrypt digital dictation in 256bit, previous digital voice recorders such as the DS-5000/DS-3400 could only encrypt in 128bit. This update will not only allow the encrypt/decrypt of 256bit but will also incorporate support for the DS-7000/DS-3500 in the R5 Olympus software.

The official release note is as follows:

DSS Player Pro Release 5.0.13  


1.DSSPro 256-bit encryption support

With the DS-5000, it is now possible to set the 256-bit encryption function for audio files.
To do the settings, it is necessary to update the DS-5000 firmware to a version that supports the 256-bit encryption function.

In addition, the DSSPro file 256-bit encryption and decryption can be done with the dictation module/transcription module.

2. Windows 2000 is not supported.

3. ODMS R6 Compatibility

Modified process to handle audio files so that Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) runs correctly in the environment in which it is running. 

4. DS-7000/3500 Compatibility

Modified process so file downloading and direct recording are done normally when connected to a new model device (DS-7000/3500). 
Device option settings are not supported.


When DSS Player Pro is installed to a client via an Active Directory, etc., in silent mode, make sure to install .NET Framework 2.0 stored in the Redist folder before installing DSS Player Pro. 
Please copy LICENSE.DAT to the distributed package when silent installation occurs. 
For obtaining the LICENSE.DAT, please contact your dealer or distributor. 

Access the update from both R5 dictation and transcription module via Help -> Check For Updates

Should you want to migrate your existing DSS Player Pro R5 users to ODMS Olympus have an upgrade disk available for purchase which will update either the dictation module or the transcription module. Details are:
  • Olympus AS-7003 - Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 dictation module to ODMS R6 dictation module
  • Olympus AS-7004 - Upgrade from DSS Player Pro R5 transcription module to ODMS R6 transcription module
The cost for the upgrade software is:
  • Olympus AS-7003 - $59 incl. GST delivered.
  • Olympus AS-7004 - $59 incl. GST delivered.

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