Olympus Release DSS Player Plus v7.5.2 - OSX 10.11 El Capitan Compatible

31 October, 2015

Last week Olympus released an update to their Olympus DSS Player Plus software for Mac, two weeks after Apple released OSX 10.11 a.k.a. El Capitan.

Olympus DSS Player Plus for Mac v7.5.2 Update OSX 10.11 El Capitan Compatible

The release notes for DSS Player Plus are short and sweet, just "OSX 10.11 is supported", nothing else. But for anyone who grabbed at the latest Apple Mac operating system would have known, El Capitan bought major issues for DSS Player Plus breaking all USB connectivity with digital voice recorders but with the most impact, the USB transcription foot pedals, leaving many Mac transcriptionists worldwide stuck.

Some users attempted to uninstall then re-install their DSS Player Plus software, this also failed as the installer too was not compatible with this OS X release.

For Olympus DSS Player Plus release v7.5.2 you have the option of two update files:

For those running OSX 10.11 who didn't uninstall DSS Player Plus all you need is the update file - click here to download

For those who uninstalled DSS Player Plus and were unable to re-install all you need is the full installer file - click here to download



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