Can Dragon NaturallySpeaking Transcribe Recorded Interviews or Meetings?

27 October, 2011

This is definitely one of the top FAQs we receive here at Dictate Australia. As Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Premium & Pro versions only, not Home edition) on Windows and MacSpeech Scribe on Mac can take a digital recording of your voice and transcribe that from voice to text the assumption is often made that a recording of an interview or a meeting can also be transcribed in the same way. Unfortunately this is not the case, why? Well Dragon is speech recognition technology and that technology relies on the software being trained to you and your voice alone.

There is a way that using Dragon can help you convert voice to text for audio or video with multiple speakers, in our main blog we look at this technique in more detail and we also offer up a couple of others options for you to get your meeting, interview, conference, lecture, focus group or any recorded voices converted into text.

Click here for the article on our main blog.

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