Olympus RS-28H USB Transcription Foot Control Pedal


Olympus RS28H USB Transcription Foot Control.

For use with the Olympus AS-2300, AS-4000, AS-2400, AS-5000 and AS-7000 transcription kits. 

The PC and Mac compatible USB foot switch RS-28 allows typists the hands free control of the ODMS Transcription Module (AS-7002) or older DSS Player Pro Transcription software (AS-5002) on Windows or DSS Player Plus for Mac.

The RS-28H can also be used in connection with the Olympus DS-7000 digital dictation recorder and its docking station for hands free dictation.

The RS-28H was supplied in the AS-5000 and AS-2400 transcription kits, but is also available here as a single item.

This foot pedal can be used with third party (non Olympus applications) like Express Scribe or Windows Media Player when using the Olympus Foot Switch Configuration Tool in Keyboard mode. The tool allows you to map application keyboard shortcuts to individual pedals.

Buy this USB foot pedal if:

  • Your current RS-28 is broken
  • You have an RS-26 pedal and have installed your transcription software on Windows 7 
Olympus RS-28H is compatible with the new ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management Software) transcription module.
Olympus RS-28H USB Transcription Foot Control Pedal


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