Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac - Digital Download


This software is for Mac Intel and Apple Silicon only


NOTE. This product has moved to our new website, please purchase your OM System (Olympus) DSS Player Plus v7 licence key from this link.


DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac is software shipped with the Olympus DS-7000 & DS-3500 professional digital dictaphones and the Olympus AS-2400 and AS-7000 transcription kits. It will allow the playback of .ds2 and .dss audio files and will also allow these files to be converted to .aif (required for use with Dragon Professional Individual for Mac v6 for voice-to-text voice recognition from an audio file).

This is a digital download of the Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 Mac software and a unique licence key. Each install of Olympus software requires a unique licence key.

Instant digital download Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac with licence key

Why Would You Buy This Software?

  • You have an Olympus DS-7000 or DS-3500, you have a new Mac and you can't locate your original licence key or
  • You have an Olympus RS-28 or RS-31 USB Transcription foot pedal and you want to transcribe audio on your Mac or
  • You have a Mac and want to play back .ds2 audio files from an Olympus (or Philips or Grundig) pro dictaphone or
  • You want to convert .ds2 or .dss audio files to .aiff format for use with Dragon for Mac - voice recognition software.

If you are unsure if this software is for you please contact us first for a chat.

Olympus DSS Player Plus v7 for Mac - Digital Download


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