Olympus AS-5002 DSS Player Pro 5 Transcription Module

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Olympus AS-5002 discontinued, replaced by the Olympus AS-7002 ODMS Transcription Module

The Olympus AS-5002 was discontinued by Olympus Australia in 2014 - This model has been superseded by the Olympus AS-7002 - click here


The AS5002 DSS Player Transcription Module Software, Version 5 is the software which is supplied with the Olympus AS-5000 transcription kit. The AS-5002 is a fully featured software tool that provides a simple to use but sophisticated method of managing your transcription.

This is software only. For the complete AS-5000 transcription kit click here . You would buy this software only if:

  • You have lost your original licence key for your DSS Player Pro version 5 transcription module.
  • You are upgrading an AS-4000 transcription kit and you already have a headset and RS-28 Olympus foot control. 

Designed to work with the new Olympus DS-3400, DS-5000 and DS-5000iD portable digital dictaphones. The transcription module software helps streamline every aspect of the transcription process. For example, in and out trays facilitate document management while job status information (finished, pending, cancel job) gives you an immediate overview. The automation of work processes - such as the receipt and redirection of dictations to corresponding in-trays via FTP, POP3, STMP or network - is also possible.



  • Automatic Assistance : Automatically receive dictation files and send transcribed document files by E-mail or FTP.
  • Instant Notification  : Receive a visual or audible announcement every time a new dictation file arrives.
  • Automatic Assistance : Automatically starts word processing program when transcribing a dictation file.
  • Easy File Management: Manage DSS Pro, DSS, WAV, WMA, MP3 and AIFF audio files.


Olympus AS-5002 DSS Player Pro 5 Transcription Module


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